Legal Status

The Film Archive was founded in 1952 as a part of the nationalized Bulgarian cinematography. By Ordinance No 91 of 31.01.1952 issued by the Council of Ministers was founded National Film Archive for history of cinematography.
In 1959 by Order No 9 of 21.01.1959 issued by the Ministry of Education and Science the duties of the National Film Archive were determined as: "collecting restoring and preserving films and film related national heritage, processing cinematographic information and culture and using it for distribution."
The General department of archives (General Department of Archives at the Council of Ministers of Republic of Bulgaria) methodically guides the work of Bulgarian National Film Archive.
In 1994 by Ordinance No 128 of 11.07.1994 issued by the Council of Ministers is determined the status of Bulgarian National Film Archive as cultural institution of national significance.
Today Bulgarian National Film Archive has a status of national cultural institution directly under the Ministry of Culture, it is a legal entity funded by government.
In accordance with the Law of State archival fund and Rules for application of the Law of State archival fund, the Bilgarian National Film Archive has a status of a body for management of the national film archives.