Film Collection

The Bulgarian Film Archive holds the national film archive, which consists of 15 000
titles with more than 40 000 copies or 300 000 film reels.
There are 9 528 Bulgarian films:
     5 844 documentaries and popular science films,
     5 844 documentaries and popular science films,
     2 364 newsreels,
     700 feature films,
     620 animations, newsreels, chronicles and periodicals
The world film archive includes 4 348 foreign films from 54 countries:
     3 589 feature films,
     625 documentaries,
     134 animations
The collection is enlarged and enriched mainly with the films, made by the studios around the country, international exchange or donations.
The Bulgarian Film Archive is in a process of transferring the flammable nitrate films of the home collection to inflammable and digital storage devices.
The Archive also holds more than 3000 videotapes.